Hernández: Invest in Public Art!

July 29, 2021 – Tonight at Bohrer Park, the City of Gaithersburg will showcase a special exhibition featuring artwork reflecting the rich cultural fabric of our great city. The event, “This is Gaithersburg: Art as Civic Dialogue,” is an excellent way to use public art to speak to the current issues affecting our community.

Public art should not only be thought of as fixed, immobile objects, like fountains or statues. While those are important elements for beautifying a neighborhood or a downtown area, art can be much more than that. As shown with the “This is Gaithersburg” exhibition, public art can be a solicitation for civic engagement. Across the nation, cities have revived dwindling industries or communities using public art. In one midwestern city where nearly three dozen restaurants had closed in a certain part of town, city leaders collaborated with artists and private industry to invest in a culinary training facility and business-development workshops.

When cities invest in public art, they are investing in good paying jobs, and sustainable projects that celebrate the local culture. Yamil recognizes the great talent and diversity in the City of Gaithersburg and believes that if our local government invests in public art from a regulatory and collaborative perspective, we can promote imagination and encourage civic engagement throughout our community. By encouraging creativity, we can light a spark that elicit an imaginative response to challenge normal city processes and invigorate civic involvement.

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