Good Governance & Transparency

Yamil believes that government works best when its leaders are accountable for the decisions they make. Gaithersburg is a great city that has benefited from effective leadership as we have grown. Yamil wants to help the city continue to improve by increasing transparency in decision-making, and implementing procedures to help the city respond more quickly to resident needs and concerns. He believes our community is rich with great minds and great ideas, and if elected to the City Council, he will work with his colleagues to reach out to residents to champion those great ideas to the finish line. 

Improve & Modernize City Services

Gaithersburg is a great City, and Yamil is  proud to live here. Sometimes, however, accessing City services can be a complex, byzantine, and obscure process. There is room for improving City service delivery, communication with residents, and access. Simplifying, modernizing, and improving access to City services is one of Yamil’s key priorities.   

Sustainability & Conservation

Yamil believes that with growth comes responsibility. As a developed urban area, the City of Gaithersburg is increasingly impacted by environmental issues. If elected, Yamil will collaborate with developers, business and government leaders to find the best solutions to sustain a healthy environment and protect our air and drinking water. As Chair of the Kentlands Citizens Assembly (KCA), Yamil championed several sustainability projects  that helped his community  improve the local habitat, reduce waste, promote alternative energy sources, and manage stormwater runoff.  

Minority-Owned Businesses

Statistics show that minority-led businesses were hurt the worst from the COVID-19 pandemic because they had a harder time accessing capital. On average, over half of Black owned businesses saw their revenues drop in half. The next City Council will be tasked with growing our post-pandemic workforce. Yamil knows that minority-owned businesses play an important role in uplifting their local community, and he believes our city government should facilitate new partnerships to help minority and locally owned business owners have equitable access to capital and markets.

Public Art

When cities invest in public art, they are investing in good paying jobs, and sustainable projects that celebrate the local culture. Yamil recognizes the great talent and diversity in the City of Gaithersburg and believes that if our local government invests in public art from a regulatory and collaborative perspective, we can promote imagination and encourage civic engagement throughout our community. By encouraging creativity, we can light a spark that elicit an imaginative response to challenge normal city processes and invigorate civic involvement and economic circulation. 

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